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Travelling Australia Info

Q. What is the Weather like in Australia? >>



Australia Weather Overview

Due to  Australia’s size there is a lot of climatic variation, but without severe extremes. The southern third of the country has cold (though generally not freezing) winters (June to August). Tasmania and the alpine country in Victoria and NSW get particularly chilly, Summer (December to February) are pleasant and warm, sometimes quite hot. Spring (September to November) and Autumn (March to May) are transition months, much the same as in Europe and North America and New Zealand.

Heading north, the climate changes dramatically. Seasonal variations become fewer until, in the far north, around Darwin and Cairns, you’re in the monsoon belt with just two seasons: hot and wet, and hot and dry. The Dry lasts roughly from April to September, and the Wet from October to March; the build-up to the Wet (from early October) is when the humidity is at its highest and when the locals confess to being at their most irritable. The centre of the country is arid – hot and dry during the day, but often bitterly cold at night.

Australia lies in the Southern Hemisphere and the seasons here occur at different times of the year than in Europe. November - March are considered summer months while winter falls in May and lasts through August.

The average summer temperature in Australia is about 84 degrees F or 29 degrees C. Similarly the average winter temperature ranges around 56 degrees F or 13 degrees C.

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