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5 Things To Consider When Renting A Motorhome In Australia

1. Is bigger better?

Motorhome sizes are usually measured in terms of berth (2/3 berth, 4 berths, 6 berths) which refers to how many people you could sleep in a vehicle however as we know everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and have different needs and comfort requirements. So first consider the size of the people on board and how much space he or she might require to travel and importantly, sleep comfortably. Remember you are going to be a sharing limited space with your travel companions or family and there are many times when, if you can afford it, you could save you a lot of headaches and annoyances by having a bit of extra space. For example if you’re travelling with 4 adults you could consider hiring a 6 berth motorhome to give you the extra space you need so that you’re not constantly stepping on each other’s toes.

Of course there are the more intimate traveler types or journeys for you and your partner where a 2 berth campervan will be perfect!

Smaller motorhomes and more inconspicuous and can give you more flexibility as to where you can stay, for example they can fit in and under carparks better than the bigger ones, and can often be a cheaper option both in terms of hire, petrol and campsites


2. What motorhome accessories to add on or bring with you?

Everyone has a different way to travel and will be into a broad range of activities completely different from one another. Making sure you have the right accessories in your motorhome can make a big difference. For example, as part of your road trip you might be planning a overnight hike where packing a tent is necessary or you might plan to kayak an Australian river or a lake or mountain bike in the Blue Mountains in which case you would need to hire a campervan with roof racks or a bike rack.

If you have kids you may need to hire kids seats for your campervan.

Then there are the creature comforts that some cannot suffer being without, like a private toilet or simple kitchen or camping utensils that can make the journey more enjoyable.

So whether or not you are planning a bare minimum or a full on luxury tour,  take some time to make a list of the type of accessories or add ons that you will need to bring or request from your motorhome rental company at the time of your booking. Make sure that the motorhome you hire suits your particular preferences!


3. What type of roads will you drive on?

There are many types of roads in Australia from the ashphalt highways to the muddy or beaten trails. Motorhomes can be hired in 2WD or 4WD options and some have bigger engines and are faster than others. Consider if time might also be a factor in your decision making when choosing a motorhome.

How much driving is enough? We would recommend setting a reasonable daily limit of hours or kilometres of  travel time. For example, depending on the drivers abilities, the number of drivers and the passengers on board, 400kms per day might be the upper limit whereas for others that have less time and more drivers and want to visit more places in Australia a lot more km’s could be covered. Remember, though it’s all about the journey! Always try and make your experience the most enjoyable. Planning your trip is great but if you have a too rigid a schedule and you are forever rushing off to your next destination you will find you won’t be relaxed enough to enjoy much at all. Try and allow for some flexibility in your plans. Driving distances in Australia can take longer than you think. When is it time to stop? One idea would be to allow 2 hrs before sunset to organise yourself for the night and just enjoy the wonderful sunsets Australia have to offer. Another good reason to stop a bit earlier is what Australians call ‘roo time’ around 4pm when there is more chance of Kangaroos jumping in front of your campervan!


4. What season are you travelling in and will the climate be like?

Fortunately all hire Motorhomes come with fitted fly screens but the sheer size of Australia can make a real difference to the climate. If you are travelling in the warmer parts of Australia then a motorhome with awning will become an essential to give you shelter  and block out the hot,  aggressive Australian sun. On the other side of the spectrum you may be planning a trip in the Blue Mountains of NSW in wintertime.  Prepare yourself with suitable warm clothing, bedding and make sure the campervan you hire comes with a heater and if you encounter snow or ice on the road you will also need to hire snow chains


5) The cost!

The most important for last! It can be hard to guess the amount of money you would expect to spend or save when hiring a motorhome but the one sure thing is that you have to make the motorhome you chose to hire fit your budget. Consider the absolute limit of what you expect or have to spend on all parts of your holiday and then work backwards taking off how many nights you might spend in camping sites, factor in the number of people sharing the running costs of the motorhome and combine this with the list of things that you want to see and do while on holiday and it should give you a pretty clear picture as to how much you have to spend on your motorhome rental.

Be on the lookout for ways to save on your trip like using the internet to find special offers on touristic activities, restaurants, campsites etc and always keep an eye out for special deals on motorhomes.

Keep yourself in the loop! We hope you have enjoyed reading these tips on what to consider when renting a motorhome and remember if you are considering renting and want to know the best offers and deals as they come to hand (and before they book out) then subscribe to Australia Campervans newsletters

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