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Freedom Camping In Australia - Self Contained Or Not?

At the time of this article I could not find any written laws stating that your campervan needs to be 100% Self Contained in order to freedom camp in Australia.

In fact Self Containment or not seems like a bit of a grey area.. after having asked the members of the very active Facebook Group ‘Motorhomes in Australia’ the responses were mixed and of course it could vary from state and territory...  the general consensus was that there are no actual laws regarding self contained certification or stickers needed on vehicles. However overnight campers MUST be in a permited free camping area (of which there a lots).  There are signs up at spots where you are NOT allowed to freedom camp.

The overriding message from the motorhome group was to always ‘leave no trace’ at the camps you visit. Leaving no trace will help preserve the beautiful camping areas currently available over Australia and ensure they remain accessible and free for future visitors.

Australia have so many different bylaws that for peace of mind Australian Campervans would recommend downloading a camping app that has ALL the updated info about camping and where to camp in Australia.
We found the new Wiki Camps app and It looks like an amazingly helpful app to have if for your travels in Australia and it's free to download on a 14 day trial. You can also access information offline!  
Australian Campervans are investigating a way to provide a free download to our customers when they rent with us – watch this space

For more information on the Wiki Camp App click here

If you have any comments or updates to add to this article please feel free to lew us know.


Brad - Australian Campervans

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